Name a book that inspired you to travel to the setting location….

A while back I read a great blog post by Rachael Johns who travelled to Bent, Oregon, USA, to research a novel series she’s working on. She asked followers to tell her about a book that inspired the travel bug… Here’s my response to her…

I’m delighted to share my book of travel inspiration – yet to be realised mind you. At the age of 10, just before WW2, Gerald Durrell and his crazy family went to live on the Greek Isle of Corfu. They spent five years there and had wonderful and curious relationships with the locals. Gerald, born to be a Naturalist, would spend his days avoiding the family, by going off on nature and wildlife adventures in a little row boat to drop into villages along the shores and head up into the hills. He had the most wonderful encounters with local olive and grape growers and fishing families, all adoring his visits, some providing a second home for the lucky boy, plying him with all kinds of food and treats. So, “My Family and Other Animals” captured my heart and mind from about the same age Gerald was while in Greece and Corfu – around 12. It fostered my love of books, animals, other cultures and places far far away….

Do you have a special book that inspired you to travel or visit a particular setting location?

I’ve got an historical fiction novel in my heart, which will require a visit to the Kew Gardens, located in South West London. I recently discovered that 72% of my ancestry is from South Western England, Scotland and Ireland. Oh and Scandinavia came in at a surprising 14%. While I’m in the Northern Hemisphere it could all  make for good family research and who knows, inspire yet another book or two. One day…

Jay xxx


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