Margie Lawson’s Dive Deep into Developmental Editing Course – my moment in the deep end.

It pays to know your theme…

Just want to report (shout out from the rooftops) something neat. I’d skipped over a few of the editing course tasks last week to dive into the theme lessons. I’m not a skipper-overer, nor a skimmer, but I had a purpose! I had a five minute telephone pitch opportunity with Harlequin Australia.

I live 190 miles from a capital city, and the Australian Society for Authors provided this for writers like me who often have to rely on our purses to advance or promote ourselves. I wanted to experience pitching, albeit a blind speed date with my ideal partner – one who was looking for what I’ve written: image

Thanks to my Lawson’s Writing Academy tutor Rhay Christou, who sped through my feedback, and of course the inimitable essence of Margie Lawson, I had a neat thematic statement to deliver in confidence to my chosen Commissioning Editor yesterday.

How precious it is to know your story in a nutshell. A five minute call, with only three of those for me and the other two for questions, felt like 60 seconds.

Five minutes folks. Think about it. One minute to get my tongue working around my genre and potential audience, while the other side of my brain was seeing the three minute story overview I’d prepared was never going to have its moment. I was asked whose/which stories I’d compare my work with. “Great choice,” she said. (Yay). “Three minute warning,” she added. (Gasped and told myself, Jay turn up the oxygen, you’re going down into deep water without a torch.)

I’d scribbled a three line overview of the essence of my story characters and what made it unique just before the call in case it all went too fast – it did – and along with my newly minted thematic statement, this reassuring CE had reason to care enough to ask if my MS was complete. I was honest and told her about my 120k MS being in the Developmental Editing stage, and that I had a fairly tidy first draft. And… she cared enough to request I send my story when I’m ready.

Ironic. Dive deep, and come up early with a tiny pearl that might just one day make a strand.

It’s time to add the weight belt—too easy with all the bum glue required for this— to go deeper. I’m aiming to surface in the tropics one day.


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