People on the margins

pexels-photo-462107.jpegSince the beginning of March I’ve been head down, back hunched as I Dive Deep into Margie Lawson’s Developmental Editing course. With one month down, and another one to go I’m getting a clear plan on how to best convey the heart of my story and am really looking forward to the outcome.

My fictional character is Maisy Priddle – an elderly woman who’s been living the life of a rural recluse for 40 years. I’m interested in the people who would normally be avoided or overlooked in society – but nonetheless the subject of gossip and derision. My Maisy is an amalgamation of two such women I encountered in my district. She’s cheeky, a bit naughty, and very, very savvy. I love her and I want to save her from herself…

Someone will arrive at her locked farm gate and step into the midst of Maisy’s life where she’s at war with her neighbour, with her past, and with herself… it doesn’t always go well.


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